Inès Buisson

Inès Buisson

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Candice Martin

Candice Martin

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Natacha Schlusselhuber


Animal Osteopath, Kinesiology Practitioner,

Registre vétérinaire OA-6

Natacha is our dream carrier and project leader ! She is at the origin of the OAK concept and has made this reunion of therapist possible, all animated by the same will to bring quality care to your furry family members.

Natacha graduated in animal osteopathy in 2006 and is registered at the RNA (National Register of Aptitude) held by the french Order of veterinarians.

Needless to say that since the end of her studies, Natacha has greatly diversified her osteopathic techniques, and has also studied traditional Chinese medicine, kinesiology, energetic emotional release, naturopathy, energetic aromatherapy, the Niromathé method,...

Before being an osteopath for animals, Natacha used to professionally ride young horse. Her patients are mainly horses but she treats dogs and cats aswell. In addition, Natacha is the manager of Forcora, a Continuous Professional Development provider company for animal osteopaths, where she teaches too. 

In her daily practice, Natacha is a fair believer in sensitive osteopathy, in which the techniques used are soft and whitout "crakings", such as craniosacral, myofascial release, tensegrity, tissular and fluidic approaches,...

The emotional approach also plays an important role in her care.

"Communicating with the animal's entire body means releasing both emotional stress and physical locks".

During her consultation tours, Natacha is always accompanied by her loyal co-pilot Frisco, 9 years old australian shepherd, whom you may have met at the OAK center, on breeding fairs or even christmas markets,... We must admit that Frisco is photogenic and that we love having him with us at work or at events! 



Animal Osteopath, Kinesiology Practitioner,

Registre vétérinaire OA-78

Anne has been part of the OAK centre team since its inception. She graduated in animal osteopathy in 2017 and is registered at the RNA (National Register of Aptitude) held by the french Order of Veterinarians. She has also been practicing kinesiology for animals since 2019.

Anne's professional background can surprise: she used to work as a pharmacist before becoming a horse behaviour specialist and teach ethological equitation, a practice where understanding the horse's behaviour is at the heart of her education.  It is her attraction for the alliance of the physical, mentalal, emotional that motivated her journey to osteopathy.

Like all members of the centre, Anne devotes 2 days a week to the centre in Epaignes, and also works with horses and on house calls. She covers Normandy and  the Paris region.

Attracted by a non-strenuous approach, Anne uses soft tissular techniques to perform her treatments. Like her OAK sisters, she is trained in structural, craniosacral, visceral and fascial osteopathy. Furthermore, kinesiology allows her to adress the entire emotional sphere of the animal, using subtle adjustement skills coming from Chinese medicine, energetic aromatherapy,...

Anne's furry companion is Félice, a 9 years old golden retriever who sometimes comes to the centre for special occasions ! 

Ines Buisson


Animal Osteopath,

Registre vétérinaire OA-211

Inès is essential to the center and those who have already made an appointment are boud to know her. She is indeed in charge of the phone calls, a key task to not only arrange appointments but also to give initial advices and to refer you either to your veterinarian or to the OAK center depending on the case. 

Inès has been part of the OAK team since its inception. She graduated in animal osteopathy in 2017 and is registred at the RNA (National Register of Aptitude) held by the french Order of veterinarians.

Since the end of her studies, Inès has widely developped her range of osteopathic tools such as visceral, craniosacral and tensegrative techniques and enjoys working with Chinese medicine similarities.

Like all of us, Inès devotes 2 days a week to the consultations at the center. She also responds to requests for home consultations in Calvados, Mayenne, Paris region and Hérault, her home department. 

Ines mainly treats dogs, cats and horses. Her daily practice philosophy? To not seek perfection, to not force or constrain, but to offer the body a new functional axis enabling a healthier balance.

Passionate about her profession, Inès also adopted Okami, a belgian malinois crossed-breed after she got injured at 2 months and a half old. Okami still has to gain more confidence but she's truly loved !

Mathilde Mazieres

Mathilde Mazieres

Animal Osteopath,

Registre vétérinaire OA-159

Mathilde has been part of the team since its inception. She graduated in animal osteopathy in 2017 and is registered at the RNA (National Register of Aptitude) held by the french Order of Veterinarians. She regularly completes her knowledge through conituing education including in craniosacral and visceral osteopathy. Although Mathilde treats mostly horses, dogs and cats, she also looks after all sorts of animals. 

In her daily practice, Mathilde is dedicated to take care of the body as a whole, and to make sure it regains its own balance, movement and ability to heal itself.

Like all of us at OAK, Mathilde devotes two days a week to the centre in Epaignes. Usually, Mathilde attends to the housecalls located near the Côte Fleurie, around Deauville, Cabourg as well as Le Havre.

 In addition to working in Normandy, Mathilde also regularly covers Occitania, where she is from.

Passionate about her profession, Mathilde also loves everything about canine biomecanics and in particular rehabilitation gym exercises. If you meet her at the centre, she will not fail to advise you in this respect!

Loli Darmon

Loli Darmon

Animal Osteopath,

Loli has been part of the OAK team since its inception. She graduated in animal osteopathy in 2018. Since then, she continuously attends profesionnal courses to improve her skills, notably in tissular, visceral, craniosacral osteopathy and in emotional release technique.

Loli loves diversity in her work and treats absolutely all sorts of animals, without exception! Daily, she takes care of horses, cows, dogs and cats, but her osteopathic hands have already encountered tortoises, iguanas, geese, hens, mice rats,... 

The animal cooperation is the common thread in Loli's consultations is the animal cooperation and she always takes the time needed to gain it. Like all of us at OAK, Loli uses gentle and non-strenuous osteopathic techniques.  

In addition to the two days a week she devotes to the center in Epaignes, Loli is in charge of answering requests for housecalls in the Lisieux and south of Caen areas. She also regularly covers the Paris region, and her home department the Bouches du Rhône.

Loli is passionate about her profession, and animals are also a part of her personal life. Indeed, Loli has been a horse rider for a long time and you may have met her adorable border collie crossbred dog Django, who sometimes illustrates our practice on events.

Candice Martin

Candice martin 

Animal Osteopath,

Registre vétérinaire OA-282

Candice has been part of the OAK team from the start. She graduated in animal osteopathy in 2015 in England, where she studied.

She regularly perfects her knowledge to be able to adapt to each problem. Cranial and visceral osteopathy, reflex techniques, FTM (medullary traction force) and elements of traditional Chinese medicine are all part of her treatment techniques.

Former racehorse work rider, Candice mostly treats horses, but practices on dogs and cats.

 Commited to a gentle approach during her treatments, Candice particularly likes the interaction with her patients and the possibility of reading the animals through its body. 

Like all of us at OAK, Candice devotes two days a week to the center in Epaignes. She also answer requests for housecalls when you are unable to bring your animal on site. Candice usually works around Deauville or in the Seine-Maritime. Native to south of France, she also organises consultations tours a few times a years in Marseille and Montpellier.

When she's not on the consultation roads or at the centre, Candice is on her horse's back, never far from the animals ! 


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